Risk Assessment Model: A Practical Guide for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

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Risk assessment, management, and mitigation are critical components to ensuring project success. Recognizing this, the New Horizons Foundation has funded research for the development of a Risk Assessment Manual/Model that:

  1. Develops understandable model calculations to assess risk factors,
  2. Identifies risk mitigation options based on the nature and severity of the risks, and
  3. Documents the process so that it can be followed by contractors.

The report includes a documented process that guides the user in answering these questions:

  • What risks should I consider for this project?
  • What do I do about these risks, including countermeasures to manage the risk and/or adding a risk amount to the profit margin?

The report will serve contractors as they seek to identify early on, which risks/opportunities deserve resources, develop early stages of an effective project risk assessment/management plan, and improve results using effective risk assessment/management tools.

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