Program Agenda

Mandate: Help contractors prepare for the challenges of a changing world environment. Augment “tried and true” programs with innovative, cutting-edge education at every level of management. Identify and develop education and training opportunities that will help ensure the availability of well-prepared management teams responsive to the demands of the 21st century.
Sample Agenda: Assess the industry’s need for and perspective on a business management and leadership curriculum, soliciting input from managers, supervisors, suppliers and customers. Analyze ways that other industries select, prepare, and nurture their management teams. Coordinate and maximize efficient use of existing business education and training programs across the country by transferring lean construction concepts into applied operational practices and the management of change and resultant potential for conflict into effective practical educational programs. Design cutting-edge business programs addressing basic management and supervisory skills and, at the same time, focusing on industry-specific issues and needs.Identify skill requirements and fill voids via fast track training and educational processes to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.Explore and select appropriate education delivery systems and appropriate providers. Examine distance learning options as an alternative to traditional classroom and field instruction.Partner with universities to ensure that programs are responsive to an increasingly diverse, multi-cultural, multi-lingual society.
Mandate: Encourage long-term career participation in the sheet metal contracting industry by those most likely to excel at such work. Create and nurture a pipeline of skilled professional talent to meet the current and future management and operational needs of the industry.
Sample Agenda: Create opportunities for industry leaders to interact with educators and potential “future managers”. Create internships for selected students to provide meaningful work experiences that help promote their understanding of industry practices. Develop best methods to promote the industry as a viable career choice for young men and women.Create an industry promotional campaign. Focus on messages that educate the public about the importance of the sheet metal specialty industry.Forge visible partnerships with school systems to align curriculum and technology more closely with the industry’s management needs.

Publish periodic reports describing new developments and opportunities in the industry.

Form a speaker’s bureau to make experienced contractors and other industry professionals available to community groups, schools, and other organizations to talk about the contributions of the industry to business and to the economy and to promote the industry as a rewarding career path.