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In Action

The HVAC and sheet metal industry has an outstanding ally — the Foundation’s Summit Council. This Council has a real and meaningful voice in selecting and implementing the New Horizons agenda.

Members of the Council meet each year with business analysts and construction experts to review and evaluate the state of the industry. Collectively, the Council then recommends Foundation investments in targeted programs and projects that will help secure the future strength, excellence and competitive edge of one of America’s key construction industries.

Each commissioned project has an assigned Summit Council Task Force. These volunteers work with the research team to identify and monitor the project’s progress. The Task Force often calls upon the advice, experiences, and suggestions of other members of the industry. The objective is to make each project as complete and valuable as possible — again, offering each HVAC and sheet metal contractor a chance to grow.

Equally important, Council members work as partners with the New Horizons Board of Directors in enlisting new financial commitments to the Foundation from other members of the industry.