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Best Practices for Field Leader Succession

FMI, a construction industry consulting firm, expects that 20% of current field managers will turnov..


Internet of Things: Implications for Sheet Metal and HVAC Contractors

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ability of internet-enabled devices to communicate indepe..


Pandemics and Productivity: Quantifying the Impact

Pandemics negatively impact construction productivity. This is the first resource published to help ..


An Executive Exit - A Closer Look at the Factors That Drive Successful Executive Transitions

The FMI Corporation reports that the engineering and construction industry is facing an extraordinar..


White Paper: Tools for the Hiring, Promotion, and Talent Development of Sheet Metal and Mechanical Contractor Personnel

Research shows that more than half the variability (and uncertainty) in hiring and promotion decis..


Productivity Tracking in the HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry for Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Tracking productivity has been a challenge for HVAC/sheet metal contractors who are characteriz..


White Paper: Using a Board of Directors, Peer Groups and Other Resources to Challenge and Enhance Performance: For HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

An area of increasing adoption throughout the construction industry is the use of high-functioning b..


Developing the New Horizons Foundation Decision-Making Framework for New Market Entry in the Sheet Metal Construction Industry: Research Report

This 67-page publication provides detailed background on research completed for this project. It ide..


Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities: Experiences From Sheet Metal & HVAC Contractors

Most company leaders make market entry decisions once or twice in their careers; not enough to bui..


Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities: A 10-Step Process

The 27-page framework includes a ten-step process which is based on experiences of other contractors..