Our Mission

A Chance to Grow

The New Horizons Foundation’s mission understands that its research and education program is providing a different chance to grow for the HVAC and sheet metal industry. The entire Foundation initiative is dedicated to hard working contractors who are determined to take every educational opportunity and business tool offered to help their companies grow.

In 2009, the New Horizons Foundation honored Jerry Myers, founder of Sheet Metal Connectors, for his extraordinary work in serving special needs children. For more than 25 years, he and his wife Marlene have made a remarkable impact on their Minneapolis community as champions for challenged children.

Through their initiative known as A Chance to Grow, hundreds of children who face physical or mental difficulties receive a priceless educational opportunity in their journey to reach their fullest potential. For his own chosen profession, Jerry Myers is a major contributor and active participant in the New Horizons Foundation.

To learn more about the transformative work accomplished through the New Horizons Foundation’s mission A Chance to Grow and its school, the New Visions Academy, please visit the website at www.actg.org or call for information (612) 789-1236.