Who We Are

The New Horizons Foundation provides HVAC and sheet metal contractors a chance to grow. We are contractors, industry partners, and leading researchers.

Our Foundation mission is very simple: We do everything we can to turn good ideas into solid research that will help give HVAC and sheet metal contractors a chance to grow as positive, knowledgeable partners in the construction process. For more than a decade, we have worked together to develop a cutting-edge research and education portfolio that is making this industry stronger, more efficient and more profitable.

The New Horizons Foundation is very heads up and hands on in the way that we focus on our mission. Each year, the Foundation:

  • Commissions critical investigations of business management issues and strategies that are important to every contractor’s growth and productivity.
  • Develops workforce capabilities through leading-edge educational programs that combine well-researched best practices with fundamental skills.
  • Provides a knowledge link among industry members, suppliers, contracting industry partners, colleges and universities, other national and international trade associations, and customers.

Our contractors face a challenging, changing environment every day. The Foundation has a strong track record of delivering innovative, cutting-edge research and practical, real-world education for every level of management.

We are the New Horizons Foundation. We provide A Chance to Grow.