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Distinguished Opportunities for Leadership Investment

The New Horizons Foundation is supported by a Summit Council. This group of dedicated, well-respected contractors, SMACNA chapters, and industry partners are united in their support of the HVAC and sheet metal industry by guiding and shaping the Foundation’s program agenda. These volunteer leaders work together to identify, commission, and monitor the industry’s most critical research.

Each Council member has made a major financial investment in New Horizons and is fully committed to the vision of offering every HVAC and sheet metal contractor a chance to grow through the outstanding research and education developed with New Horizons’ resources.

Summit investors are honored with national public acknowledgement at industry annual meetings and other special events and in Foundation publications. The Summit Council also offers exclusively-named project funding for specific initiatives identified and recommended by Council and by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Summit investors are encouraged to indicate in their own advertising and marketing that:

XYZ Company is a proud sponsor of the New Horizons Foundation.
We believe every HVAC and sheet metal contractor deserves a chance to grow.
We are committed to the Foundation’s work to enhance and strengthen the quality and performance of our industry.

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In Action

Members of the Council meet each year with business analysts and construction experts to review and evaluate the state of the industry. Collectively, the Council then recommends Foundation investments in targeted programs and projects that will help secure the future strength, excellence and competitive edge of one of America’s key construction industries.

Each commissioned project has an assigned Summit Council Task Force. These volunteers work with the research team to identify and monitor the project’s progress. The Task Force often calls upon the advice, experiences, and suggestions of other members of the industry. The objective is to make each project as complete and valuable as possible — again, offering each HVAC and sheet metal contractor a chance to grow.

Equally important, Council members work as partners with the New Horizons Board of Directors in enlisting new financial commitments to the Foundation from other members of the industry.

Learn how you can support the work of the Foundation.