What We Do

We work to keep our industry strong. We believe that education, information, and merit performance are the cornerstones of a vital, prosperous HVAC and sheet metal industry. Our responsibility is to take a visionary approach to providing the information and education that will give contractors the best possible opportunities to develop their companies.

Skills shortage is very real and getting more critical all the time. From senior company managers to the craftsman in the field, our industry needs a unifying force to convey the message that the sheet metal and HVAC industry has a bright and dynamic future.

We are determined to build a state of the art work environment populated with effective managers, qualified supervisors, and skilled workers.

To help achieve this, the Foundation has three important objectives:

  • Build key relationships with allied industry partners and academic institutions to identify, monitor, and analyze major workforce-related trends that affect the HVAC and sheet metal industry.
  • Provide education and information that will position HVAC and sheet metal contractors as positive, knowledgeable, participants in the construction process.
  • Encourage career participation in the HVAC and sheet metal industry by those most likely to excel at such work. Improve and develop the capabilities of the current and future workforce through leading edge educational programs.

In every arena — industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential — our supplier partners, architects, engineers, general contractors, developers, government authorities and the general public have a vested interest in improving their knowledge about the best uses of sheet metal applications and HVAC systems.

The Foundation is the knowledge link for industry members, suppliers, contracting industry partners, colleges and universities, other national and international trade associations, and customers.

Every company needs clear direction, standards, and education — combining well-researched best practices with fundamental skills — whether they are working with senior managers or hourly-wage workers. The New Horizons Foundation commissions and makes available education and training that enhances the skills and talents needed to manage the current workforce and attract new professionals.

We believe the Foundation’s portfolio is essential to the survival and prosperity of major contracting firms and smaller, independent, local companies. Every company deserves a chance to grow.