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Procurement Chain Management in the Construction Industry

Procurement Chain Management in the Construction Industry


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Changes in customer expectations in the construction industry regarding project delivery, time, cost, and quality have forced the stakeholders to search for new operational models. While productivity increased significantly for most industrial sectors during the 90s, it actually decreased for the construction industry. One cause of this is that the procurement chain management system is no longer satisfying the market requirements. There is an urgent need for improvement of the current construction procurement model. A variety of alternative models are being practiced throughout the industry. Electrical Contracting Foundation (ELECTRI’21) commissioned research to investigate the prevailing, existing, and alternative models of procurement. In order to adequately assess the strengths and weaknesses of each model, a neutral comparison of each model was conducted. The investigation found that none of the existing and alternative models are offering an efficient, streamlined approach to procurement. The study recommends the development of a new procurement process to achieve better time, cost and quality. This can be accomplished through direct collaboration of all the stakeholders in the procurement chain to produce a horizontally integrated procurement process.

Published: 2004
Size: 68 pages