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The Future for Union Sheet Metal Construction

The Future for Union Sheet Metal Construction


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Union sheet metal construction is at the most important point in its history. Actions and decisions undertaken over the next few years will determine not just how well the industry thrives over the next 20 years, but if it survives. Commonly held assumptions about the future may no longer stand and a diverse set of potential future scenarios is unfolding. The Future for Union Sheet Metal Construction is the result of a 24-month study based on a series of “future focus groups” with SMWIA and SMACNA leaders from all around the country, interviews with construction industry experts, and extensive research into social and technological trends. The study debunks seven myths about the future of the union sheet metal industry. Understanding these myths as well as the realities and forecasts for them will allow SMWIA and SMACNA leaders to make more informed decisions regarding the future of the industry.

Published: 2005
Size: 33 pages