NHF Partnering with ELECTRI on COVID-19 Productivity Data

May 7, 2020

The New Horizons Foundation (NHF) is partnering with ELECTRI International (NECA’s foundation) to help industry specialty contractors assess, capture data, and act on COVID-19’s impact on productivity.  

Many contractors and subcontractors have had to face additional costs associated with performing work at jobsites since the COVID-19 outbreak started to impact job site construction and fabrication processes integral to project completion. SMACNA members interested in participating should email Tom Soles, Executive Director, Member Services at SMACNA or call (703) 402 7395.  

Maxim Consulting’s preliminary research of over 50,000 labor hours of work sampled indicates 9.4% of hours on the job are lost due to COVID-19 mitigation activities. That equates to 45 minutes per day for each and every tradesperson on the job. For contractors, whose direct labor cost can represent 40-60% of a contract’s total, a 9.4% loss of productivity translates to a devastating impact on project profitability – in some cases 100%. To read how to mitigate these circumstances, the complete paper is available here.