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New Horizons Foundation Pandemics and Productivity Report on COVID-19

Report | Productivity | Published 07.13.2020

Pandemics and Productivity: Quantifying the Impact

Register to view the Webcast on Demand. The New Horizons Foundation and ELECTRI International, the National Electrical Contractors Association’s foundation, commissioned this report assessing the productivity impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) across the sheet metal and HVAC industry. Before these findings were issued, no specific resource existed to help contractors quantify the cost impacts of lost …

Productivity Tracking in the HVAC & Sheet Metal Industry for Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Report | Productivity | Published 05.30.2019

Productivity Tracking in the HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry for Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Tracking productivity is key to profitability. Yet tracking productivity has been a challenge for HVAC/sheet metal contractors who manage a high degree of off-site work. The issue is more challenging because there have been few industry standards for tracking productivity for all contractor operations. As a result, contractors have not had access to clear best …

Cover Sheet - Impact of Prefabrication on Productivity

White Paper | Modularization & Prefabrication | Published 01.01.2017

White Paper: The Impact of Prefabrication on Productivity

This white paper offers a set of best practices to optimize the use of prefabrication to obtain peak productivity for HVAC and sheet metal contractors. The study was informed by 1) an industry survey, 2) a series of case studies, and 3) detailed productivity and prefabrication analyses. This publication: Adds to the understanding of how …

Cover Sheet of Off-Site Construction, Modularization, and Sheet Metal Prefeb Report

White Paper | Modularization & Prefabrication | Published 04.01.2015

White Paper: Off-Site Construction, Modularization, and Sheet Metal Prefabrication: Trends, Current Practice, and Recommendations

This paper focuses on off-site construction from the perspective of prefabrication, and installation of preassembled building components within “traditional” site-built construction project delivery methods or systems. The paper validates the savings identified in earlier reports and adds definition and dimension to the advantages associated with prefabrication and modularization in the MEP and HVAC and sheet …

Cover Sheet - Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

White Paper | Lean & Quality | Published 07.01.2013

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement, as used in this paper and in the industry, is the name of an approach to improvement known and used around the world for decades. It applies to processes in the office, project or anywhere within the organization. The major components of continuous improvement are often referred to as an acronym, DMAIC: Define …

Risk Assessment Model

Report | Project Management | Published 02.01.2011

Risk Assessment Model: A Practical Guide for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

Risk assessment, management, and mitigation are critical components to ensuring project success. This Risk Assessment Manual/Model: Develops understandable model calculations to assess risk factors Identifies risk mitigation options based on the nature and severity of the risks Documents the process so that it can be followed by contractors The report includes a documented process that …

Project Tracking

Report | Productivity | Published 05.01.2010

Project Tracking to Improve Labor Productivity for Mechanical, HVAC, and Sheet Metal Contractors: The Earned Value Approach

This report includes a cost and schedule control system to measure, track, and forecast cost, percent complete, and completion date. The report covers: Activity descriptions and how to develop a work breakdown structure, Estimated cost/man-hours, Earned cost/man-hours to-date, Actual cost/man-hours to-date, Estimated remaining cost/man-hours, Estimated units/activities, Installed units/completed activities, Estimated remaining units/activities, Productivity (actual vs. …

Cover Sheet of Kaizen-Blitz - Significantly Improving Performance in a Week or Less

Report | Lean & Quality | Published 12.01.2009

Kaizen Blitz: Significantly Improving Performance in a Week or Less

Owners and managers are constantly searching for production improvement applications. A Kaizen Event, when properly planned, coordinated, and executed, can increase performance, with little or no capital expense, in seven significant ways: Increased productivity Reduced inventory Lower setup times Less waste Space use reductions Quality improvement Order-to-delivery time improvement To attain improved performance, management must …

Cover Sheet - Thinking Lean. Tools for Decreasing Costs and Increasing Profits

Report | Lean & Quality | Published 11.01.2008

Thinking Lean – Tools for Decreasing Costs and Increasing Profits

This project updates research conducted in 2005. The need for the update was driven by the increasing complexity of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and sheet metal construction industry. Advancements in technology, financial pressure, and customers seeking greater involvement and value from their projects are the main contributors to this complexity. A goal …

Preconstruction Planning Process

Report | Project Management | Published 07.01.2007

Preconstruction Planning Process for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Sheet Metal Contractors: Implementation Manual

HVAC and sheet metal contractors are faced with the challenge of improving productivity to remain successful in an increasingly competitive industry. In an effort to meet these challenges, they are turning to preconstruction planning as a method for improving efficiency, and increasing profitability. The purpose of this implementation manual, developed as part of a three-phase …