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White Paper | Workforce | Published 08.18.2021

Human Dimensions Assessment of Top-Performing Personnel Within Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors

This study identified the human dimensions (personality, emotional intelligence, and behavioral traits) of key job roles within SMACNA contractors. We also learned a lot about the top 10% of performers among Project Managers and Field Leaders. Understanding our most talented people helps us select and prepare the next generation of leaders. Even if you don’t …

Cover Sheet - Organizational Adoption of New Technologies: Best Practices For SMACNA Contractors

White Paper | Organizational Development | Published 06.28.2021

Organizational Adoption of New Technologies: Best Practices for SMACNA Contractors

SMACNA members are eager to adopt new technologies, operational processes, and business strategies. Yet the implementation of organizational change – defined as an intentional, company-level adoption of new practices, technologies, or management approaches – can be extremely difficult. Through a national survey and interviews of SMACNA contractors, the top 8 most effective technology implementation management …

Best Practices for Field Leader Succession

White Paper | Leadership, Workforce | Published 12.08.2020

Best Practices for Field Leader Succession

FMI, a construction industry consulting firm, expects that 20% of current field managers will turnover by 2022 (FMI, 2017).  This surpasses the expected level of turnover of all other positions in the construction industry. Field Leader Succession is the process of developing and transitioning new leaders so they can replace their predecessors at the foreman, general foreman, …

Engaging a Workforce in Transition

White Paper | Workforce | Published 12.30.2019

Engaging a Workforce in Transition – Keeping Skilled Labor

The construction workforce is in the middle of a significant demographic shift. Yet few contractors seem prepared for the transition ahead. This poses great risks, chief among them the viability of the industry. The New Horizons Foundation, in partnership with FMI, conducted a survey and interviews exploring how construction-related firms are preparing for the generational …

An Executive Exit: Succession Strategies

White Paper | Leadership | Published 07.15.2019

Succession Planning and Executive Exit: Factors for successful transitions for contractors, construction and engineering companies.

The engineering and construction industry is facing an extraordinary number of executive departures as 50% of executive leaders in this industry are transitioning out in the next 10 years – making succession planning an imperative for these construction and engineering companies. And executives in many SMACNA member firms are part of this universe. As executive …

Cover Sheet - Tools for Hiring, Promotion, and Development of Sheet Metal Contractor Personnel

White Paper | Leadership, Workforce | Published 02.01.2019

White Paper: Tools for the Hiring, Promotion, and Talent Development of Sheet Metal and Mechanical Contractor Personnel

Research shows that using personality and aptitude assessments can markedly reduce the variability (and uncertainty) in hiring and promotion decisions compared with relying on resumes and interviews alone. The New Horizons Foundation partnered with lead researchers at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the University of Kansas to understand how personality and aptitude …

Enhancing Your Organizational Structure: An Approach to Profitable Operations

White Paper | Organizational Development | Published 05.01.2017

White Paper: Enhancing Your Organizational Structure: An Approach to Profitable Operations

This white paper focuses on traditional and functional organizational structures. It offers a simple and easily understood contrast and comment on the appropriateness of each approach. In contrast to the traditional structure, the paper concludes that a functional analysis of a firm’s operations can be “a tool for designing their organization going forward. It views …

Using a Board of Directors, Peer Groups, and Other Resources

White Paper | Organizational Development | Published 01.01.2017

White Paper: Using a Board of Directors, Peer Groups and Other Resources to Challenge and Enhance Performance: For HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

An area of increasing adoption throughout the construction industry is the use of high-functioning boards of directors, peer groups, and other external resources to provide objective input to enhance performance. Companies are seeking solutions to the many challenges they face in today’s competitive business environment. Leaders are confronted with talent pressures, changing technologies, increased competition, …

The Use of Just-in-Time Training in Construction

Report | Workforce | Published 09.01.2014

The Use of Just-in-Time Training in Construction

The Just-in-Time Training (JITT) report examines in detail the concept and application of Just-in-Time Training. The report: Defines just-in-time training and when to use it; Identifies  the need for JITT in the construction industry; Looks at who is using JITT now using current examples; Examines current and future training needs for HVAC/sheet metal contractors; Presents …

Strategic Thinking

Report | Organizational Development | Published 12.01.2013

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is a blueprint for contractors seeking to use the Futures Study to improve their position as the industry recovers and stabilizes. Strategic thinking should not be confused with strategic planning, but the two are related. Strategic thinking involves the generation and application of unique business insights and opportunities intended to create competitive advantage …