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Report | Information Technology | Published 04.20.2023

The NHF Digital Library: Research Report

Since the New Horizons Foundation (NHF) origination in 2001, it has performed valuable research and produced project management processes and tools that have advanced the sheet metal and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. Given the size of the sheet metal and HVAC industry’s body of knowledge, a well-defined information structure is needed for …

White Paper | Risk Management | Published 12.29.2022

The Changing Risk Environment

Every HVAC and sheet metal contractor — and really, every contractor — is aware that construction is an inherently risky business. Failing to address the risks native to the construction industry has long been understood to have a downward pressure on industry profitability, as well as potentially more serious ramifications for the individual contractor. This …

White Paper | Industry Trends | Published 08.31.2022

The 2022 HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry Futures Study Update

The New Horizons Foundation has published its fourth Futures Study, providing insights into what’s ahead for your business. A variety of factors will drive rapid change and uncertainty in the US construction industry – economic fluctuations, industry structure, and consolidation, regulatory shifts, labor availability, competition, market and social demands, and technological advancement. This comprehensive research …

Cover Sheet - Organizational Adoption of New Technologies: Best Practices For SMACNA Contractors

White Paper | Information Technology | Published 06.28.2021

How to successfully implement new construction technology and software systems in your organization

Implementing change and making new system software work can be a formidable challenge in the construction industry. But, with our comprehensive guide, you’ll gain a strategic advantage in harnessing the full potential of construction technology. Our expertise and best practices will empower you to seamlessly integrate new technologies into your operations and achieve tangible results. …

The Internet of Things White Paper

White Paper | Information Technology | Published 07.09.2020

Discover the Future of Construction IoT: Implications and Strategies for Sheet Metal and HVAC Contractors

Unlock the potential of Construction IoT with our white paper exploring the implications and strategies of Internet of Things (IoT) specifically for sheet metal and HVAC contractors. Embrace the Power of Construction IoT The Internet of Things has revolutionized the construction industry, and our white paper unveils its transformative potential for HVAC contractors. Learn  how …

Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities: A 10-Step Process

Report | New Market Entry | Published 07.04.2017

A Decision-Making Framework for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors: 10-Step Process

As HVAC and sheet metal contractors, you understand that market opportunities can arise in various ways. Whether it’s a request from a customer to expand geographically, an employee showcasing specific skills, or the emergence of a new market in need of your services, seizing these opportunities is crucial for growth. The New Horizons Foundation presents …

Developing the Decision-Making Framework for New Market Entry

Report | New Market Entry | Published 07.04.2017

Introducing the New Horizons Foundation Decision-Making Framework for New Market Entry in the Sheet Metal Construction Industry

Are you seeking to conquer new construction markets? Backed by our groundbreaking research report, the Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities is specifically designed to help the sheet metal construction industry succeed in new markets with confidence Unlock the Potential of New Construction Markets Entering new construction markets can be a daunting task, but with …

Cover Sheet - Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities

Report | New Market Entry | Published 07.03.2017

Decision-Making Framework: Stories to Help Sheet Metal & HVAC Contractors Navigate New Construction Markets Successfully 

Entering new construction markets can be a daunting task, but with our optimized decision-making framework, you’ll gain a strategic advantage. Our collective experiences from industry peers will empower you to make informed market entry decisions, increasing your chances of success in new construction ventures Unlock the Secrets of Successful Market Entry Our framework goes beyond …

Link | New Market Entry | Published 01.10.2017

Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities Website

A New Era of Customer Service

White Paper | Marketing & Customer Focus | Published 08.01.2016

White Paper: A New Era of Customer Service: How to Manage Customer Relationship

This paper includes a list of best practices to identify customer needs and satisfaction and outlines a cost-effective process to create a customer-centered culture. The white paper was written for HVAC and sheet metal contractors by Tom Schleifer, an author with experience and instant credibility in the industry.