Our thanks to every contributor. You share our vision of offering HVAC and sheet metal contractors a chance to grow.

About the Summit Council

The Summit Council includes dedicated, well-respected contractors, SMACNA chapters, and industry partners who have united to support the HVAC and sheet metal industry by guiding and shaping the New Horizons Foundation’s program agenda.

The Summit Council is comprised of the Premier, Champion, Summit Counselor, Industry Mentors and Summit Circle contributor categories. All members of the Summit Council receive national public acknowledgment at industry annual meetings and other special events and programs. In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in shaping the agenda for the New Horizons educational and research program.

PREMIER – $300,000 and up

ACCO Engineered Systems
Peter Fortin, California

Bay Area SMACNA Chapter
Represented by Sean O’Donoghue

Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association, Inc.
Represented by Aaron Hilger

CHAMPION – $200,000 and up

McCusker-Gill, Inc.
Kevin R. Gill, Sr., Massachusetts

SMACNA – St. Louis Chapter
Represented by Paul Heimann

SMACNA – Western Washington, Inc.
Represented by Russell Kimball

SMACNA Greater Chicago
Represented by Jim Cesak

SMACNA Southern California
Represented by Richard Rivera

Streimer Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Frederick L. Streimer, Oregon

SUMMIT COUNSELOR – $100,000 and up

AABCO Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Ronald J. Palmerick, New York

Bright Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Hank Meyers, Indiana

C & R Mechanical Company
E. Timothy Decker, Missouri

Climate Engineers
Peter Watson, Iowa

Holaday-Parks, Inc.
Grace Pizzey, Washington

Lennox Industries, Inc.

Marelich Mechanical Co., Inc.
Keith Atteberry, California

Represented by John Contrubis

Ron and Cindy Rodgers

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc.
James R. Myers, Minnesota

Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Philadelphia & Vicinity
Represented by Ernest J. Menold

Sheet Metal Contractors of Iowa, Inc.
Represented by John Ilten

SMACNA Boston, Inc.
Represented by James M. Morgan

SMACNA Oregon & SW Washington
Represented by Chris Schneider

Therma, LLC
Joseph Parisi, California

Welsch Heating & Cooling Company
George L. “Butch” Welsch, Missouri

Yearout Mechanical, Inc.
Kevin Yearout, New Mexico

SUMMIT CIRCLE – $50,000 and up

Angie and Michael Simon

Charles E. Jarrell Contracting Co.
Howard Stine, Missouri

Felhaber Larson
Daniel Kelly, Minnesota

General Sheet Metal
Carol Duncan, Oregon

Guy and Deana Gast
Iowa, Field of Dreams

Key Air Conditioning Contractors, Inc.
Richard Rivera, California

Melrose Metal Products, Inc.
Mitchell Hoppe, California

Miller Bonded, Inc.
Keith E. Wilson, New Mexico

New England Sheet Metal and Mechanical Co.
John Sloan, California

R. F. Knox Company, Inc.
Jack Knox, Georgia

SMACNA – Cleveland
Represented by Tom Martin

SMACNA – New Mexico
Represented by Ronda Gilliland-Lopez

SMACNA Metropolitan Detroit Chapter
Represented by Phil McShane

SSM Industries, Inc.
Thomas A. Szymczak, Pennsylvania

Stromberg Metal Works, Inc.
William Gawne, Maryland

Walsh Mechanical Contractors
Paul M. Le Bel, Sr., Massachusetts

INDUSTRY MENTORS, Contractors Looking To The Future – Personal Pledges of $50,000

Guy Gast
Des Moines, IA

Ron Rodgers
Peoria, AZ

Angie & Michael Simon
Menlo Park, CA

Mark Watson
Hiawatha, IA

Keith Wilson
Albuquerque, NM

PATRON – $25,000 and up

ACP Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Nathan Dills, Oklahoma

Cox Engineering Company
Jon Desmond, Massachusetts

D. D. S. Industries, Inc.
Dwight D. Silvia, Massachusetts

Dee Cramer, Inc.
Matt Cramer, Michigan

J.C. Cannistraro, LLC
David Cannistraro, Massachusetts

Lyon Sheet Metal, Inc.
Michael C. Corrigan, Sr., Missouri

Matrix Group International, Inc.
Joanna Pineda, Virginia

Novak Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Randy Novak, Iowa

Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Central Pennsylvania
Lori A. Eshenaur

SMACNA – Sacramento Valley Chapter
Cheryl Sprague

SMACNA Mid-Atlantic
Kurt Snyder

SMACNA of Oklahoma, Inc.
David Tidwell

Viewpoint Construction Software
Karl Rajotte

STATESMAN – $10,000 and up

McKamish, Inc.
David McKamish, Pennsylvania

SMACNA – Kansas City Chapter
Stacey Smyly

SMACNA of Long Island, Inc.
Melissa Barbour

U.S. Sheet Metal, Inc.
Bruce J. Stockwell, Michigan

W.E. Bowers
Dale Sheppard, Maryland

AMBASSADOR – $5,000 and up

Emcor Services Scalise Industries
Mark Malencia, Pennsylvania

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Florida SMACNA, Inc.
Lisa Falk

Jack’s Mechanical Solutions, Inc.
Gabe Martinez, New Mexico

Murphy Company
Mark Bengard, Missouri

Tri-Metal Fabricators
Joe Toso, British Columbia, Canada

Wm. J. Donovan Co.
Edmund J. Bransfield, Pennsylvania

DIPLOMAT – $2,500 and up

CMF, Inc.
David Duclett, California

Houston Sheet Metal Contractors Association
Glenn Rex


Shelley Lester

DELEGATE – $100 and up

Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc.
James Van Becelaere, Missouri

Blue Diamond Sheet Metal, Inc.
Al LaBella, New York

Boston Air Systems, Inc.
Barry Dwyer, Massachusetts

Energy Labs, Inc.
Ray Irani, California

Doug Hamilton, Iowa

MCA-SMACNA of San Antonio, Inc.
Sandee Morgan

SMACNA Arizona
Carol Goguen