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07 August 2023 · Podcast

IPD Delivery

Host Eric Anderton discusses with Mike Kissane (Granger Construction) and Matt Cramer (Dee Cramer) how Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) maximized their hospital project and shares insights for contractors interested in this open-book project management approach.

25 July 2023 · Podcast

Large Project Collaboration

Eric Anderton discusses collaborative strategies for delivering large, sophisticated projects on time and on budget with Chris Schumacher (Gray) and Joseph Lansdell (Poynter Sheet Metal), highlighting the management techniques used to meet customer standards.

23 June 2023 · Podcast


Eric Anderton, Ted Wassmer (Artisan Display, Inc.), and Ernie P. Menold (Ernest D. Menhold, Inc.) discuss their successful partnership’s growth through strategic alignment and industry collaboration, highlighting its positive impact on their bottom line.

15 May 2023 · Podcast

The Value of Collaboration

Eric Anderton discusses the importance of early-stage collaboration between architects, designers, contractors, engineers, and fabrication partners with Nick Cameron (Perkins & Will) and Ryan Sutton (Zahner), highlighting the pitfalls of inadequate communication and their collaborative white paper addressing these challenges.

13 December 2022 · Podcast

Field Leadership Transitions

Eric Anderton, along with Henry Nutt (Southland Industries) and Chip Warden (Streimer Sheet Metal), delves into the process of cultivating exceptional field leaders, emphasizing best practices in their development and the importance of a structured succession plan for their identification and promotion.

06 December 2022 · Podcast

Project Closeout

This episode explores the nuances of project closeout, featuring insights from host Eric Anderton, Tom Martin (President of TH Martin, Inc.), and Bobby McCally (Vice President of Corporate Operations at The Brandt Companies, Southland), offering best practices and techniques for a successful project handoff to clients, complemented by The New Horizons Foundation’s Project Closeout guide.

14 November 2022 · Podcast

Executive Transitions

Host Eric Anderton is joined by Guy Gast and Angie Simon to discuss the need for a transition and succession plan for companies in the industry.

08 November 2022 · Podcast

Customer Focus

Host Eric Anderton, alongside Carmen Koo (President of Applied Air Conditioning, Inc.) and Guy Gast (Senior Consultant with The Waldinger Corporation), explores the importance of relationship-building between clients and contractors in meeting customer needs through robust dialogue.

24 October 2022 · Podcast

New Technologies

Host Eric Anderton, together with Joseph Lansdell (President of Poynter Sheet Metal) and Kevin Gill, Jr. (Vice President of Operations for McCusker-Gill), explores the adoption of new technologies in their operations, including challenges and how these advancements enhance customer service.

13 October 2022 · Podcast

New Market Entry

Host Eric Anderton, along with former SMACNA President Angie Simon and Dr. Mounir El Asmar from Arizona State University, discusses best practices for entering new markets, drawing from their own experiences in various market segments.