Video: New Horizons Foundation on the Factors that Drive Successful Transitions

December 19, 2019

“Most people think succession planning is only about the people who are still there. This video and white paper also focuses on the executives leaving the business and how it affects them,” says Guy Gast, president of Waldinger’s Iowa Division and chairman of the New Horizons Foundation.

The Foundation, in partnership with FMI, recently released a video supporting its latest white paper, An Executive Exit – A Closer Look at the Factors That Drive Successful Transitions.

In addition to Gast, the video features Arieana Thompson, leadership specialist at FMI and one of the co-authors of the paper, and Jake Appelman, principal at FMI. FMI interviewed more than 20 CEOs who have successfully exited their companies. The study identified 5 main themes that will help make a transition successful for the company and for the executive. Watch the video to learn more.