Measuring Customer Loyalty: A Benchmark Study of HVAC & Sheet Metal Customers’ Satisfaction

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Because customer loyalty can be the key to a businesss success or failure, the New Horizons Foundation initiated and funded a study to gain greater understanding of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and sheet metal customers requirements with the intent of discovering specific paths to improving the competitiveness of HVAC and sheet metal contractors. Understanding what drives customers’ buying decisions creates confidence, and builds enduring customer trust and loyalty, critical to developing a vital customer base that looks beyond price and bid to sustain contractor profitability in any economic climate. This study provides the first industry-wide measure of customers’ perceptions of (1) the factors that are most important to purchasing successful HVAC work, and (2) the quality of performance of HVAC and sheet metal contractors. Individual contractors will realize the most value from this study by using the self-survey kit to do their own satisfaction survey of all their customers. They can benchmark the results with these findings and identify specific actions that meet their own customers’ needs and expectations. A PowerPoint presentation, Conducting Customer Surveys, is among the resources included in this publication.