Organizational Development


Cover Sheet - Organizational Adoption of New Technologies: Best Practices For SMACNA Contractors

White Paper | Published 06.28.2021

How to successfully implement new construction technology and software systems in your organization

Implementing change and making new system software work can be a formidable challenge in the construction industry. But, with our comprehensive guide, you’ll gain a strategic advantage in harnessing the full potential of construction technology. Our expertise and best practices will empower you to seamlessly integrate new technologies into your operations and achieve tangible results. …

Enhancing Your Organizational Structure: An Approach to Profitable Operations

White Paper | Published 05.01.2017

White Paper: Enhancing Your Organizational Structure: An Approach to Profitable Operations

This white paper focuses on traditional and functional organizational structures. It offers a simple and easily understood contrast and comment on the appropriateness of each approach. In contrast to the traditional structure, the paper concludes that a functional analysis of a firm’s operations can be “a tool for designing their organization going forward. It views …

Using a Board of Directors, Peer Groups, and Other Resources

White Paper | Published 01.01.2017

White Paper: Using a Board of Directors, Peer Groups and Other Resources to Challenge and Enhance Performance: For HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

An area of increasing adoption throughout the construction industry is the use of high-functioning boards of directors, peer groups, and other external resources to provide objective input to enhance performance. Companies are seeking solutions to the many challenges they face in today’s competitive business environment. Leaders are confronted with talent pressures, changing technologies, increased competition, …

Strategic Thinking

Report | Published 12.01.2013

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is a blueprint for contractors seeking to use the Futures Study to improve their position as the industry recovers and stabilizes. Strategic thinking should not be confused with strategic planning, but the two are related. Strategic thinking involves the generation and application of unique business insights and opportunities intended to create competitive advantage …

Cover Sheet - Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

White Paper | Published 07.01.2013

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement, as used in this paper and in the industry, is the name of an approach to improvement known and used around the world for decades. It applies to processes in the office, project or anywhere within the organization. The major components of continuous improvement are often referred to as an acronym, DMAIC: Define …

Cover Sheet - Creating a Learning Environment. Template for Creating Culture in HVAC & Sheet Metal

Report | Published 08.01.2008

Creating a Learning Environment: A Template for Creating and Cultivating a Learning Culture in the HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry

This report describes the research into creating and fostering a learning environment in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and sheet metal industry. It defines a learning culture for HVAC and sheet metal contractors, and explains how contractor organizations can create an environment that cultivates a learning culture. A competency scorecard and an example …