Report | Published 12.10.2021

The Executive Order Impact on COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors

On December 7th a federal district court in Georgia issued a nationwide injunction blocking the federal government from enforcing its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors (and subcontractors) as set forth in Executive Order 14042 and the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force’s Guidance for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors (“Task Force Guidance”). Under the Task Force …

New Horizons Foundation Pandemics and Productivity Report on COVID-19

Report | Published 07.13.2020

Recovering Loss Project Dollars from a Pandemic Event: A Comprehensive GuidE

Register to view the Webcast on Demand. Businesses face extraordinary financial challenges when  unanticipated events, like pandemics, occur. Our in-depth report, “Pandemics and Productivity: Quantifying the Impact,” offers valuable insights and practical strategies to help CEOs, project managers, financial executives, shop and field superintendents, and change order process stakeholders recover unexpected costs and navigate the …

Productivity Tracking in the HVAC & Sheet Metal Industry for Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Report | Published 05.30.2019

Tracking Construction Workforce Productivity Improves Operations and Profitability

Tracking productivity in specialty construction is key to project profitability. Yet it has been an ongoing challenge for HVAC/sheet metal contractors who manage a high degree of off-site work. To complicate matters, few industry standards exist for tracking construction labor productivity, leading to a lack of clear best practices for contractors in improving construction productivity …

Project Tracking

Report | Published 05.01.2010

Boost Labor Productivity: HVAC Project Cost and Schedule Tracking using the Earned Value System

Effective tracking of construction project cost and schedule deviations is essential for success. The New Horizons Foundation groundbreaking approach utilizes the Earned Value System to improve labor productivity for mechanical, HVAC, and sheet metal contractors and provide invaluable insights into project performance. Gain a comprehensive understanding of cost and schedule variances, enabling you to make …

Schedule Compression Effect on Labor Productivity

Report | Published 01.01.2004

Schedule Compression Effects on Labor Productivity

Understanding how schedule compression affects labor productivity in the construction industry is crucial for increasing project performance, avoiding disputes, and maintaining sound financial status of one’s company. During a typical construction project, a contractor may find that the time originally available has been severely reduced. To finish the project by the completion date, the contractor …