White Paper: Tools for the Hiring, Promotion, and Talent Development of Sheet Metal and Mechanical Contractor Personnel

Cover Sheet - Tools for Hiring, Promotion, and Development of Sheet Metal Contractor Personnel


Jake Smithwick, PhD, MPA, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Brian Lines, PhD, P.E., University of Kansas



It’s time to move beyond traditional methods and make informed hiring decisions to unlock the full potential of your workforce. The New Horizons Foundation presents our white paper offering aptitude and personality assessment tools applied to sheet metal and mechanical contractor personnel.

Unlock the Power of Assessment Tools

Resume reviews and interviews alone no longer suffice in making effective construction hiring decisions. Our white paper introduces a new era of talent recruitment and development with aptitude and personality assessment tools. Gain valuable insights into candidates’ abilities, traits, and potential, enabling you to make informed hiring and personnel development decisions.

Enhance Construction Hiring Decisions

Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your hiring decisions by  assessing candidates’ skill sets and potential, allowing you to identify the best-fit individuals who can contribute to your organization’s success.

Develop Your Sheet Metal and Mechanical Contractor Personnel

Personnel development is key to building a skilled and thriving workforce. Our white paper showcases the value of personality assessment tools in identifying areas for growth and tailoring development strategies for sheet metal and mechanical contractor personnel. 

Benefits of Our White Paper:

  • Advanced Assessment Tools: Discover cutting-edge aptitude and personality assessment tools designed specifically for the construction industry, empowering you to make informed contractor personnel decisions.
  • Informed Hiring Decisions: Move beyond resumes and interviews by incorporating aptitude assessment tools. Identify candidates’ true potential and make data-driven hiring choices that align with your organization’s needs.
  • Targeted Personnel Development: Identify areas for growth and design tailored development strategies for your sheet metal and mechanical contractor personnel.
  • Enhanced Workforce Performance: Cultivate a high-performing team by selecting the right talent and providing targeted development opportunities, resulting in improved productivity and organizational success.

Embrace Modern Hiring and Talent Development Practices

The New Horizons Foundation’s white paper on assessment tools for sheet metal and mechanical contractor personnel is your guide to elevating your hiring and personnel development practices. If you’re an HR personnel or executive responsible for hiring and talent development,  embrace the future of construction talent assessment and development.

Download our white paper now for invaluable insights and strategies.