White Paper: Tools for the Hiring, Promotion, and Talent Development of Sheet Metal and Mechanical Contractor Personnel

Cover Sheet - Tools for Hiring, Promotion, and Development of Sheet Metal Contractor Personnel


Jake Smithwick, PhD, MPA, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Brian Lines, PhD, P.E., University of Kansas



Research shows that using personality and aptitude assessments can markedly reduce the variability (and uncertainty) in hiring and promotion decisions compared with relying on resumes and interviews alone.

The New Horizons Foundation partnered with lead researchers at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the University of Kansas to understand how personality and aptitude assessments are being used successfully in the construction industry.

Interviews with SMACNA members and general contractors revealed that personality and aptitude assessments enhance the hiring process and are useful in internal talent development.

This is a quick and valuable read with an extensive personality and aptitude assessment resource in the appendix. It is a must for those who are not using assessment tools in their hiring and development practices.

For those who are using these tools, this is a nice check against what’s out there and what you may be missing.