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White Paper | Unstable Markets | Published 06.01.2013

White Paper: Contractor Success Stories: Adapting to the Post-Recession World

The Great Recession has had a profound and long-lasting effect on the U.S. construction industry – including the HVAC and sheet metal industry – forcing many companies to look inside and reevaluate their services, clients and markets as well as their vision and strategic goals. “Re-definition” is the name of the game as companies explore …

Report | Industry Trends | Published 05.01.2012

The HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry Futures Study 2012

The report includes a quick review and reevaluation of what was predicted and presented in 2008 (this study now archived). It quickly moves into a presentation on future trends and the major implications of those trends for HVAC and sheet metal contractors. This report should be used by: Contractors and their key employees as they …

Continuity and Transition Planning for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

Report | Exit & Transitions | Published 09.01.2011

Continuity and Transition Planning for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors: The Changing Face of Leadership for HVAC/Sheet Metal Contractors and Fabricators

The leadership and supporters of the New Horizons Foundation have produced three comprehensive research reports concerning the importance of business continuity planning and execution. The three previous reports summarized in this report include: Exit Strategies for HVAC /Sheet Metal Contractors: Strategies for Equity and Ownership Transfer Mentoring and Coaching Practices: Developing the Next Generation Leadership …

Report | Exit & Transitions | Published 07.01.2010

Exit Strategies for HVAC/Sheet Metal Contractors: Strategies for Equity and Ownership Transfer

This report presents the results of a study commissioned by the foundation to identify and evaluate approaches for exit strategies and equity transfer for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC ) and sheet metal contractors. The interest is driven by industry demographics and the desire and necessity of many business owners to explore these alternatives. …

Report | Industry Trends | Published 03.01.2008

The HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry Futures Study: Industry Trends and Drivers Shaping Alternative Futures

Rapid change and uncertainty in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sheet metal contracting industries in the United States will be driven by a variety of factors – economic fluctuations, environmental issues, regulatory shifts, labor shortages, competition, and technological advancements. To increase the understanding of factors influencing the business and to gain greater clarity for …

Report | Information Technology | Published 02.01.2007

Impact of Incompatible Software on HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

The research objective of this study was to identify the impact of incompatible software on the HVAC and sheet metal industry and to investigate recent interoperability initiatives within the architecture, engineering, and construction and facility management industries. The study: Documents the processes involved in the execution of a typical HVAC and sheet metal project and …

Measuring Customery Loyalty

Report | Marketing & Customer Focus | Published 09.01.2006

Measuring Customer Loyalty: A Benchmark Study of HVAC & Sheet Metal Customers’ Satisfaction

Customer loyalty can be the key to business success or failure. The New Horizons Foundation initiated and funded a study to gain greater understanding of customer requirements with the intent to improve the competitiveness of HVAC and sheet metal contractors. Understanding what drives customer buying decisions creates confidence and builds enduring trust and loyalty. This …

Report | Industry Trends | Published 03.01.2006

Residential HVAC Trends: Home Improvement Centers Enter the Installation and Service Market

In recent years, home improvement centers have dramatically changed the residential building market in terms of product sales and installation, most notably in the cabinet and countertop, flooring, and roofing segments. Now, in an increasingly competitive market, they have targeted both residential and commercial sales, installation, and service markets as an area for growth and …

Link | Information Technology | Published 09.10.2001

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