Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities: Experiences From Sheet Metal & HVAC Contractors

Cover Sheet - Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities


Mounir El Asmar, Ph.D.
Jera Sullivan, Ph.D.
Kenneth Sullivan, Ph.D.
Arizona State University



Most company leaders make market entry decisions once or twice in their careers; not enough to build experience. This 19-page publication adds the real experiences of others to understand the pitfalls and risks associated with a new market decision.

This document relates to the 10-Step Decision Making Framework for New Market Opportunities. In fact, reviewing the case studies will be invaluable during step four of the 10-Step Process:  Review experiences of others.

The experiences are presented as follows:

  1. Add HVAC Service
  2. Add a Trade
  3. Geographical Expansion
  4. New Market Sector
  5. New Process

To effectively use the 10-Step Process, this publication is a must.

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