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Tools and Material Management Systems

Report | Procurement & Materials Management | Published 10.01.2004

Tool and Material Management Systems

Poor tool and material management hampers daily operations and can damage your business. The cost of owning and providing tools may be a small percentage of the cost of doing construction work, but it can significantly impact labor productivity and the quality of work performed. Poor practices in tool and material management can be indicative […]

Report | Lean & Quality | Published 10.01.2004

Lean Production Principles

The lean production principles that have led other industries to higher profitability and lower costs are easily applicable to the sheet metal and HVAC industry. Lean thinking can help: reduce costs in the office, yard and fabrication areas reduce waste in the field by eliminating double handling, crews waiting and time spent searching for materials […]

Report | Project Management | Published 04.01.2004

Quantifying the Cumulative Impact of Change Orders for Sheet Metal Contractors

Change on construction projects is inevitable, but the effects of change are often disputed among owners and contractors. The complete effects that change orders have on a project are difficult to quantify because they involve direct costs of extra materials and hours, as well as changes on the flow of work (its effect on labor) […]


Report | Productivity | Published 01.01.2004

Schedule Compression Effects on Labor Productivity

During a typical construction project, a contractor may find that the time originally available, or normally expected to perform its work, has been severely reduced. To finish the project by the completion date, the contractor is forced to find a way to speed up the progress of its work, or “compress the schedule.” The most […]

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