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Risk Assessment Model

Report | Project Management | Published 02.01.2011

Risk Assessment Model: A Practical Guide for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

Risk assessment, management, and mitigation are critical components to ensuring project success. This Risk Assessment Manual/Model: Develops understandable model calculations to assess risk factors Identifies risk mitigation options based on the nature and severity of the risks Documents the process so that it can be followed by contractors The report includes a documented process that …

Project Tracking

Report | Productivity | Published 05.01.2010

Boost Labor Productivity: HVAC Project Cost and Schedule Tracking using the Earned Value System

Effective tracking of construction project cost and schedule deviations is essential for success. The New Horizons Foundation groundbreaking approach utilizes the Earned Value System to improve labor productivity for mechanical, HVAC, and sheet metal contractors and provide invaluable insights into project performance. Gain a comprehensive understanding of cost and schedule variances, enabling you to make …

Cover Sheet of Kaizen-Blitz - Significantly Improving Performance in a Week or Less

Report | Lean & Quality | Published 12.01.2009

Kaizen Blitz: Significantly Improving Performance in a Week or Less

Owners and managers are constantly searching for production improvement applications. A Kaizen Event, when properly planned, coordinated, and executed, can increase performance, with little or no capital expense, in seven significant ways: Increased productivity Reduced inventory Lower setup times Less waste Space use reductions Quality improvement Order-to-delivery time improvement To attain improved performance, management must …

Cover Sheet - Thinking Lean. Tools for Decreasing Costs and Increasing Profits

Report | Lean & Quality | Published 11.01.2008

Thinking Lean – Tools for Decreasing Costs and Increasing Profits

This project updates research conducted in 2005. The need for the update was driven by the increasing complexity of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and sheet metal construction industry. Advancements in technology, financial pressure, and customers seeking greater involvement and value from their projects are the main contributors to this complexity. A goal …

Preconstruction Planning Process

Report | Project Management | Published 07.01.2007

Preconstruction Planning Process for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Sheet Metal Contractors: Implementation Manual

HVAC and sheet metal contractors are faced with the challenge of improving productivity to remain successful in an increasingly competitive industry. In an effort to meet these challenges, they are turning to preconstruction planning as a method for improving efficiency, and increasing profitability. The purpose of this implementation manual, developed as part of a three-phase …

Procurement Chain Management in the Construction Industry

Report | Procurement & Materials Management | Published 06.01.2005

Procurement Chain Management in the Construction Industry

Changes in customer expectations in the construction industry regarding project delivery, time, cost, and quality have forced stakeholders to search for new operational models. While productivity increased significantly for most industrial sectors during the 1990s, it decreased for the construction industry. One cause of this is that the procurement chain management system is no longer …

Cover Sheet - Lean Production Principles

Report | Lean & Quality | Published 10.01.2004

Lean Production Principles

The lean production principles that have led other industries to higher profitability and lower costs are easily applicable to the sheet metal and HVAC industry. Lean thinking can help: reduce costs in the office, yard and fabrication areas reduce waste in the field by eliminating double handling, crews waiting and time spent searching for materials …

Cover Sheet - Quantifying The Impact of Change Order for Sheet Metal Contractors

Report | Project Management | Published 04.01.2004

Quantifying the Cumulative Impact of Change Orders for Sheet Metal Contractors

Change on construction projects is inevitable, but the effects of change are often disputed among owners and contractors. The complete effects that change orders have on a project are difficult to quantify because they involve direct costs of extra materials and hours, as well as changes on the flow of work (its effect on labor) …

Schedule Compression Effect on Labor Productivity

Report | Productivity | Published 01.01.2004

Schedule Compression Effects on Labor Productivity

Understanding how schedule compression affects labor productivity in the construction industry is crucial for increasing project performance, avoiding disputes, and maintaining sound financial status of one’s company. During a typical construction project, a contractor may find that the time originally available has been severely reduced. To finish the project by the completion date, the contractor …

Link | Lean & Quality | Published 09.10.2001

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